Biggest Crypto Airdrop Of 2022 Just Confirmed – Optimism Airdrop Incoming !?

Optimism Airdrop Is Just Around The Corner, This Might Be The Biggest Crypto Airdrop Of 2022 Previous Optimism guide – Let’s Get Social Twitter – Websites Mentioned – Optimism update – – Optimism Homepage – Timestamp 00:00 – Intro 01:22 – Why I Think Optimism Airdrop Is confirmed 02:24 – Optimism’s Announcement 03:32 – Optimism Removed Whitelist For Projects 04:46 – 40% Cheaper Transactions On Optimism 04:19 – A Series B Funding Round For Optimism 05:12 – Optimism’s Ecosystem Growth 06:57 – My Thoughts On Optimism’s Airdrop 07:59 – Outro Other Useful Videos – Best NFT For Passive Income – – Easiest Way To Track Your Portfolio – – Solve Pancakeswap Issues – – I am bullish On This Project – Other Defi Guides(Making Passive Money With Crytpo) – Passive Income On Pancakeswap – – 20% APY On Your Stable Icons On Anchor – Metamask Guides – Cheeky Trick To Save Gas Fees On Uniswap – – Connect Metamask To Binance Smart Chain – – Step By Step Metamask Guide For Beginners – – Possible Metamask Airdrop – – Setup Metamask Step-By-Step – Useful Links Sign up for Coinspot Referral Link If you don’t have one(AU) – Please Use affiliate code – WVDPUR ( I get a kickback if you use my link and affiliate code Signup For Binance and Get A Bonus – Let’s Get Social Twitter – Facebook – Disclaimer: This channel is only used to provide useful information to the general public, by no means this is financial advice and I will not take responsibility for action you’ve taken after watching the content of this channel. #optimism #ETH2 #airdrop

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Written by Kelly Vibes

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