The $5,000,000 Ethereum Airdrop Mystery

I discovered I owned some Ethereum tokens worth $5,000,000 on Uniswap. It all started when I realized I had 1600 AIRDROP tokens from the CoinGecko list. I realized there were more tokens just like AIRDROP that every Ethereum address holds. I was then led to the mysterious GIFT token and others like it (true story). The solution has to do with the 0x0 burner address and the way Uniswap handles liquidity pools. May 5, 2021 Update: Uniswap v3 has been released and they have discontinued support for Uniswap v1. V1 is no longer accessible via 0:00 The story 2:11 Initial clues 6:11 The solution 9:30 The verdict My Etherscan txn: My wallet address: 0x03851f30cc29d86ee87a492f037b16642838a357 AIRDROP token address: GIFT token address: Do not send funds to these token addresses! Music: Intro: Body: Outro:

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Written by Kelly Vibes

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