Bamboo Investment App Review: Buy U.S Stocks in Nigeria For $20


This Bamboo Investment App Review is a great piece of content that goes over the features of the Bamboo App and how you can use it to start investing in the US Stock Market in Nigeria for as little as $20 (N13,000) from the comfort of your own home.

Bamboo is a stock trading and investing app for registered users in Nigeria. The Bamboo App has over 3000 stocks available for users to invest in and profit from.

Bamboo Investment App Review

Bamboo Investment App Review

I’ll go over the features of the Bamboo app in this review, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about the Bamboo app platform. This review will also help you determine whether the Bamboo app is a scam or not.

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Let’s get started.

What is Bamboo investment app?

Bamboo is a stock market investment app that allows users to invest in the US stock market from the comfort of their own homes with just a few taps.

The Bamboo app was created as a resource tool to provide Africans with real-time access to the US stock market, allowing them to purchase US stocks using their local currency.

The Bamboo investment app is currently only available in Nigeria, but its creators are working on expanding it to other parts of the African continent.

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How does the Bamboo Investment App work?

To get started with the Bamboo app, all you have to do is download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, then sign up for a Bamboo account and deposit money into it to begin buying stocks in the United States. The app includes a wealth of resources for beginners to learn how the stock market works, as well as how to invest and profit from it.

What are Bamboo app features?

The Bamboo app has a number of features that will make purchasing US stocks from the app much easier. This Bamboo Investment App Review will go over each feature of the bamboo app in detail below.

Bamboo App Dashboard

The Bamboo app shows your balance, your purchasing power, and any profits you’ve made from stocks you’ve purchased. The top stocks of the month, top movers of the month, and featured stocks are also displayed.

Bamboo Watchlist

The Bamboo app’s watchlist feature allows you to keep track of stocks you want to invest in as well as view the stock portfolios of top stock market investors.

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Bamboo Learn

The Bamboo investment app’s learn feature is designed for newcomers to the stock market. This feature on the Bamboo investment app will guide every beginner who knows nothing about trading stocks on the US stock market.

This section on the app has a lot of educating topics that will groom a beginner to become a pro stock trader. There are also video resources that you can watch and learn from in this section.

Bamboo Help

The bamboo help section of the bamboo investment app was created with the sole purpose of providing support. If you have any problems with the Bamboo app, you can contact a Bamboo support agent there. That section also contains a number of articles that can help you solve any problems you’re having with the Investment app.

Bamboo Profile Section

The Bamboo Profile section includes withdraw and deposit buttons for withdrawing and depositing funds into the Bamboo investment app. The section also displays your withdrawable balance, which you can withdraw once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold. You can also edit your profile information in this section.

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How good is Bamboo investment app in terms of user experience?

The Bamboo app provides an excellent user experience. Every function of the app is clearly laid out, and navigation and purchasing are simple. The process of funding an account and withdrawing funds is simple. It is a straightforward but effective investment app.

Is Bamboo investment app a good investment?

The Bamboo investment app is a good investment app that allows you to invest in the US stock market using your local currency. It has been around for a while in Nigeria and they are planning to expand to other countries on the African continent. If you are willing or looking for an investment app that allows you to access the US stock market in real time, I recommend you try out this Bamboo investment app.

Bamboo Investment App Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

Before writing this article on the bamboo investment app review, I did some research on the app and found it to be legitimate and not a scam. However, it is a high-risk investment platform, and you could lose your money trading stocks because the stock market is so volatile, so you must exercise caution and I have a level of risk you can take to invest in this platform.


I know I did everything I could to explain the bamboo investment app. And I’m confident that this Bamboo investment app review has highlighted many of the features and opportunities that you stand to gain by using this app.

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If you have any questions about this bamboo investment app review, please leave them in the comments section and I will gladly answer them. Thank you for reading and come back soon for more juicy content.

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